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The Language Studio is available for its online resources..  Use of TUR 1317 and 1341 (Sanako Lab)  is postponed until further notice. 

The Language Learning Center is dedicated to providing multimedia support to language students at the University of Florida. This mission includes working with language faculty to identify or create appropriate audio, visual, and computer-based materials, and to ensure that students can access materials in and out of the classroom, legally and conveniently. The Language Learning Center also houses materials for independent study of a number of languages.

Cross-train your brain! Study a language!

For some students at UF, the choice to study a language seems like a “no-brainer”–it’s an opportunity to connect with their own families’ heritage, or to enter a culture that has attracted them for years, or to improve a resumé for business or foreign service. For others, it seems pointless–after all, everybody speaks English, right? And learning a new language is hard for most young adults; it is necessarily an intense experience and challenges assumptions about the world embedded in our daily speech. In fact, learning a new language makes the young adult brain develop physically in a way other college subjects do not. Bilingualism is understood to make mental processes more resilient throughout one’s life. Learning a language is something worth doing for yourself.